Why you need to learn to love what you do

Why you need to learn to love what you do


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Background: The advice, “doing what you love”, can be misleading. New entrepreneurs are often surprised when their dream of doing what they love for a living has become tough to endure. Sometimes doing what you love can also mean, learning to love what you do. 


To do what you love or to love what you do? That is the question. They say that the generations post-baby boomers struggle with the idea of working for a living especially when that job or the business they are managing is not something that they are particularly passionate about.


Social media might also have a great influence on the mindset of “doing what you love”. In order to humanize a brand, organizations or even individuals, not only post the product or service they are selling but also what is happening behind the scenes— usually the fun and glamorous stuff. These are the things that people like you and me, see on repeat. Sometimes don’t you just wish that you can also be in that same position?


Well, if it is comforting enough, not everyone has the privilege to do what they love. Certain life situations also play a factor. This sounds so pessimistic and contradictory to a piece of popular inspirational advice, always chase your dreams, so let us break it down into two points. 


1. Doing what you love is not always easy

For some, chasing one’s passion is not always the best answer. It is not about living out of fear and stopping going after big goals altogether. It is more about the idea of having the perfect job or business when you do what you love. Sure, it is doable and not completely wrong but do not get stuck on the idea that doing what you love equates to a perfect life. There will always be pressure and frustrations. Sometimes there can also be the risk of falling out of love with that passion as reality hits your expectations hard.


Which leads us to another truth of the matter, doing what you love requires grit. Sure, we all have personal interests that we are good at and we really enjoy which leads us to think, “Wow I could do this for a living!”, but you should take a moment to ask yourself, are you ready to commit to the grueling process?

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Most entrepreneurs, when they start out their own business out of something they really love, they get surprised when they end up doing more of the dirty work and experience less glamour. So what now if you find yourself in this situation? Perhaps a change of perspective is in order.


To teach ourselves to love what we do is actually simple. It is by showing up and giving it our best every single day.


By learning to love what we do, does that not essentially mean we are already doing what we love? To teach ourselves to love what we do is actually simple. It is by showing up and giving it our best every single day.


2. Think about the long game

Think about the future and hone some skills. Think about how you intend to be the best version of yourself over time. No one gets to be a prodigy overnight! The point is, no matter what it is that you are doing, show up, give it your all and do it with infectious joy. What creates meaning and fulfilment is the engagement and the heart that you have for what you do. Take time out to seek why you’re doing what you do. What is it that you could offer to create impact? It is basically designing a life that you love for you to live out every day.

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It is time to redefine our notion of work. Work is not a question of what can you get out of it but more of, what is it that you can do more of that actually matters. Besides, isn’t it energizing waking up knowing you are off to do work that matters?


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