Your business needs a mobile-friendly website today more than ever before

Your business needs a mobile-friendly website today more than ever before

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Responsive websites or mobile-friendly websites as they are called, have become a need for businesses today. As a business owner or marketing person you may have many questions before you decide to invest in a mobile-friendly website. We hope to make it easier for you to take this decision by highlighting some key points & advantages. Let’s begin by understanding the users of the internet today.

Social media like GlobalLinker, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more are a part of our daily lives. Usage of these social sites is largely from mobile phones or tablets.

E-commerce is growing fast. We can see the fast growth in usage of sites like Local Banya, Grofers, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and many more. The reasons for the popularity of e-commerce sites is largely because they offer products at discounted rates and you can now buy many products which were earlier not available near you. Features like secure transactions, cash on delivery, customer-friendly return policies is ensuring that new users join fast. These players have responsive website designs to make their web presence mobile-friendly and also offer special promotions through their customised mobile apps.

Travel portals like MakeMyTrip or Cleartrip and many others have apps for mobiles and tablets with mobile & tablet friendly websites. Wonderful isn’t it!

It’s not just the above, the ease of internet access with seamless data connectivity has added to the fast growth of the mobile consumer.

Now emails can be easily managed from phones and tablets and for most professionals their personal device is like an executive assistant or personal secretary. With so much possible on mobiles and tablets the need of PCs or laptops is for more data intensive work only. This means that more and more time is being spent on personal handheld devices.


Apart from being user-friendly, getting a mobile-friendly website also conveys that your company is future ready and has a modern outlook.

Customer satisfaction today begins with the first interaction and this in most cases will be your website – your 24x7 sales person. If you are in a business where your sales team has to show products or present details of products to prospective clients, your website can be used as a sales tool.

A responsive website not only helps you go ahead of local competitors but also proves that you are ready for international business. If you want to gain positive points for ranking on Google search then responsive websites are a great booster for search engine optimisation of your website.

Think about search, with internet access in their hands, now everyone has to punch a few keys anytime anywhere to search for a product or service without wasting time and waiting to reach home and connect their laptops to the home internet. When a customer finds your Google Adwords ad on mobile he/she will be expecting a mobile-friendly page and that will not only please him/her but also increase the possibility of business for you.

Having a responsive website is all about taking your business to the next level and getting ahead of competitors.


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