10 tips for successful mobile apps in the digital age

10 tips for successful mobile apps in the digital age

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Sandeep Raut

Sandeep Raut

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Summary: Over the past decade, smartphone usage has risen exponentially, and people are increasingly browsing the web on their mobile devices as compared to traditional desktop computers. This trend has placed the mobile first design strategy in the forefront and given further impetus to mobile apps. Mobile first is a design strategy that believes that when you create a website or app, you should start designing for the smallest screen first and work your way up to larger screens. At its core, it’s about delivering the right user experience on the appropriate device. GlobalLinker member and digital expert Sandeep Raut shares 10 tips to create an effective mobile app.

Today, the number of mobile users globally exceeds the number of desktop users, and apps are far more popular than websites. With the advent of smartphones and internet, people are spending maximum time on mobile apps to explore events nearby, gather news and get everyday alerts.


Hence, having a mobile app is now necessary for any kind of business. There is no dearth of tools to aid in the design and development of a mobile app but there are few key steps that businesses need to keep in mind before building the first app.


Consumers have little patience for bad mobile experiences. Over 30% of downloaded apps are uninstalled within the first two or three weeks of use.


Mobile app development should be based on the idea that user experience is everything and not how many features it offers. User Experience (UX) is particularly important in mobile applications, where you have much less screen real estate (as compared to larger devices like desktops and tablets) and slower connectivity. Therefore, great design and execution can make an incredible difference in terms of user experience.


Here are 10 tips to make your mobile app effective:

Tip 1. Research your app’s idea and audience
Start by searching the app stores, not just Apple but also Google Play, and look for competing products. Don't waste money on app development and mobile resources that will not be appreciated by users. Reach out to customers via social media and similar platforms, to truly listen to what your customers want.

Tip 2. Focus on the user experience
Unless you have laser sharp focus on user experience, providing 100+ senseless features will not make it successful. Responsive design is an efficient way to optimise user experience.

Tip 3. Keep it very simple for use
Do you see any user manual with iPhone? Same principle applies here. Make sure your app is extremely simple to use. A common mistake is thinking that your app has to be packed with features and have every bell and whistle you can think of. However, the reality is that half of them won’t even be used. Simplicity often delivers great user experience.

Tip 4. Use agile for frequent releases
By collecting frequent feedback, keep your app updated with agile deployments and ensure customer satisfaction with rapid and continuous delivery of software.

Tip 5. Market your app
Once you have the right app, get the word out about it. Both Google and Apple stores have millions of apps today; it can be challenging to get noticed.

Tip 6. Test the app thoroughly before and even after release
Test, test, and test with the target users until you get it right. Once launched, continue to use analytics, customer feedback, and A/B testing to optimise and improve the application.

Tip 7. Provide extraordinary customer support
After sales support is where word of mouth publicity comes in. Any problem reported by users have to be handled efficiently and effectively to make them happy, so that they become your marketers.

Tip 8. Keep innovating
No app is ever complete. Listen to your users and find out what they are asking for. Keep a running wish list of features you can build when you have time. As they say Rome wasn't built in a day, your app won't be, either.

Tip 9. Build analytics
Incorporate analytics which gives you a detailed picture of your users, their behaviour, usage etc.

Tip 10. Choose the right business model
Free, freemium, charged or pay-per-use as per your business needs.


Most mobile apps fail to engage the users in this highly competitive digital age. The bottom line is to have a sharp focus on the customer. Sure, technical skill matters, but you can only succeed if you use that skill to meet customer needs. 


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