Tapping the potential of WhatsApp as a marketing tool

Tapping the potential of WhatsApp as a marketing tool


Manish Sharma

Manish Sharma

358 week ago — 4 min read

WhatsApp has over a billion users with many new users signing on everyday. With numbers and and reach like this, the platform can be leveraged for marketing. It is also free and allows people to send videos, photos and brochures making it perfect for marketers of large corporates or local businesses alike to disseminate content through their networks.


WhatsApp has given us a great opportunity to make business deals very easily. Here are 5 quick tips to crack the deal with WhatsApp.


1. Optimise WhatsApp Video Content

Make a 2-minute video about the features of your product and upload it on Youtube. Distribute the video URL to your dealers. What happens nowadays is that customers do not come to visit dealer shops to see how the product is. But they do call the dealer from Just Dial and ask questions about the features of the product. Many times, an awesome website with an awesome banner is unable to clear every doubt of the customer. But it is not necessary that the dealer has enough time to explain or he might not even be interested to explain each feature every time. So he can share a video URL of your product. Customers have started asking, "does this company have any product video?”


2. Use WhatsApp Web to interact with clients and your team

WhatsApp Web has made it easier to interact with customers. It is effortless to type messages using a web browser on your laptop. But you might be saying why WhatsApp? See, we have to move with the flow. There are many startups in India using WhatsApp groups as an app for tracking completion of several big tasks. I know it is tough to respond to every message on WhatsApp for big companies that get a hundred customers raising tickets every minute. But that’s how startups win the race. 


3. Wider option for marketing & promotion

There are youngsters ready to spread your message across India. Just choose a good cause. Make user-friendly content and share it with your employees. And here a big organisation has an advantage. Just think how many employees are there in a large organisation. Their one action can start a chain reaction.


4. Make a WhatsApp friendly brochure 

I know companies love to make brochures. And I agree, good brochures can create an impact. But wait a minute. Do you really know WhatsApp image has dimensions which are quite different than what your designers are making for the web. Just think. If a customer is asking for a specific brochure - would you send him a bulky pdf file? Break the pdf. Make it mobile friendly. Convert it into jpg, png formats and while you're at it, why not optimise to WhatsApp dimensions?


5. Advise for the idea generation - innovate on WhatsApp

Hope you have heard about ShareChat, Duta etc? Startups are using the potential of WhatsApp. They are really making their apps compatible with WhatsApp. They are targeting users who use WhatsApp. While chatting, people might have certain needs. Identify and fill those gaps. Your idea could succeed.  Why not give them another reason to like your company. Lenovo has a free application called Shareit that is compatible with WhatsApp. Its success makes it a form of indirect marketing.


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