Leverage the Sunday habits of successful entrepreneurs to achieve your goals

Leverage the Sunday habits of successful entrepreneurs to achieve your goals


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Summary: Entrepreneurs have Sunday habits that help them achieve their goals in the week ahead. These habits are not 'secrets' but are definitely productivity tips that even you can start practising to give yourself and your business a boost.


Needless to say, work is a huge part of the life of an entrepreneur. There is the old adage that an entrepreneur’s work never ends. However, it is important to devote some time to the priorities one has besides work. This could mean spending quality time with a spouse, kids, catching up with friends or pursuing a hobby. This time for unwinding is key to recharging your batteries to tackle the challenges of the week ahead. Sunday, especially, is a day of relaxation, however, entrepreneurs also utilise this day to reset the compass for the work week ahead. Here are a few things that successful entrepreneurs do on Sunday that you can incorporate into your routine to help you achieve your work-life goals.


1.  Map out targets for the week ahead - Most people wait till Monday morning to get themselves organised for the work week. Entrepreneurs with that cutting edge will take some out on Sunday to ensure that they hit the ground running on Monday.  Sunday night is used to reflect on the week gone by, set goals for the next week and determine what needs to be addressed so the week begins with focus.


2. Network - Successful entrepreneurs, when they have downtime on Sunday, often utilise this time to reach out in different ways to people who are part of their network or other influencers who they want to get in touch with. The web of professional relationships is key to success and personal growth - a focused approach to doing so will yield dividends.


3. Get ‘unwired’ - With modern technology revolutionising the way we access information and interact with each other, there is precious little time when there is not a message or an e-mail clamouring for an entrepreneur’s attention. Many people stay glued to technology every day of the week. While during the work week it is a necessity, successful entrepreneurs take time to decompress during the weekend. Also, there is medical evidence that shows that LED screens on phones and laptops can cause damage to the eyes with sustained use. Getting ‘unwired’ is both a health break, and also allows for pursuit of experiences in a wider world filled with wonder.


4. Reflect on work-life balance - Human life is complex, and work, though important is just one part of an entrepreneur’s existence. A successful entrepreneur takes out the time to take stock of his/her life and assess how the other components that make up their life are doing. Is enough time being spent with family? Are they making sure that they are going on that dream trip? Finding the right mix when it comes to work-life balance requires reflection. Quite often, happiness and contentment is contingent on finding a work-life balance.


As an entrepreneur, it is important to make the most of your time to achieve all your dreams. Time is precious. Time on Sundays is no exception.  Adopt these Sunday habits of successful entrepreneurs to help improve the quality of your work and life.


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