Boost production management capabilities with SAP Business One

Boost production management capabilities with SAP Business One

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Sonia Mishra

Sonia Mishra

200 week ago — 5 min read

The manufacturing industry is the heart of all the industry domains. Thus, to ensure that all other departments are functioning well and to the best of their efficiencies, the stepping stone to the desired quality product, that is the production unit needs to be efficient first. 


However, the ever-increasing customer's needs and demands for the more personalised products but the lack of operational efficiency in the manufacturing unit can affect many other departments as well, leading to delayed deliveries, compromised quality, customer dissatisfaction, etc. Thus, progressive manufactures always look for the technology that can help them stay updated with the modern techniques of production while maintaining the timely production cycles and quality of the products.


Solving the big-time challenge of the manufacturers

To solve the manufacturer’s concern for quality products and efficient production processes, advanced tools and automation systems are paving a way to success. These tools with their capability to bring operational efficiency in an organisation can satisfy even ad hoc demands of the customers with speed and accuracy.


These are ERP software solutions that streamline the entire manufacturing unit while rendering complete visibility to the leaders about the performance and progress of the production process.


The Unconventional manufacturing modules and industry-specific features allow the systems to work in perfect coordination with the other departments while maintaining the quality standards of the product. Let’s understand these features in detail and find out the details about the same.


1. Advanced material requirement planning features

To ensure timely and high-quality production, this feature is none less than bliss. This unique feature of robust manufacturing ERP software, like SAP Business One, allows the leaders to better plan the inventory and procurement supplies as per the unique orders.


It takes into consideration all the important features, the number of units of goods consumed/required to set-up, re-tool machine time before running the next cycle, current and predicted stock status, etc. 


This feature helps you run the production cycles confidently. Also, it eliminates the possibilities of out of the stock and overstock situations leading to imbalanced production processes.


2. Efficient bill of materials feature

This feature is robust ERP systems like SAP Business One is responsible for preparing an organised and structured list of items along with their defined quantities needed to produce a batch or an assembly.


It helps manufacturers define the formulation for a new product or improvise the existing product with varying raw materials and other components.


It also helps manufacturers prepare batches with varying components without the intervention of the manual efforts.


3. Integration with the other departments 

Manufacturing of a product depends on various factors including the budget received from the finance departments, customisation requests received from the sales team, and the other customer-centric requirements from other organisational departments. 


Thus, an efficient ERP software system is the one which can coordinate with all the departments single-handedly and empowers leaders to make strategic decisions.


SAP Business One ERP software Mumbai, does the exact same and boosts effective coordination among various departments. 


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