How food ERP software is mitigating daily challenges of industry professionals

How food ERP software is mitigating daily challenges of industry professionals

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Sonia Mishra

Sonia Mishra

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The food and beverage industry is evolving each day owing to changing consumer's demands, food and safety regulations, technological enhancements. The increasing awareness and concerns related to the nutritional content in the food item, the shift towards a gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan diet, etc. have heightened the food and beverage industry standards. Some of these daily challenges mentioned above, or the ones related to food processing and manufacturing, and delivery, can be aided by incorporating smart ERP software in the organisations.


Food and beverage ERP software solves the food processor's daily challenges and empowers them to add innovation and creativity to the consumable item. While the food processors utilise their skill sets in the innovative recipes, ERP for the Food and beverage industry aligns all the business processes, including the inventory, product tracking, quality control, packaging, and supplying to finance seamlessly. It can also integrate with the other systems in the organisation to build a cohesive environment for working. 


Let's look at the broad spectrum of food and beverage ERP capabilities and how it solves food processors' challenges.


Inventory management complexities 

The fact that raw materials involved in food manufacturing and even the final item produced is perishable, closely monitoring the inventory situation is of utmost importance for the food processing industry. However, the issues such as the short and limited shelf life of food items and their possibilities catching foodborne pathogens can be roadblocks in inventory management.


The ERP, however, solves all the complexities related to the o inventory management and shelf-life management of the food items. It arranges the raw material in order of their expiry to reduce wastage and make use of the inventory materials efficiently.


Product traceability issues 

The rising concerns and diseases related to particular food items have made the consumers aware of the ingredients used in the food item. They have all the right to know what all a product includes, and thus, manufacturers need to add a label of all the contents used in the item. This information will help users judge if the product is fit for them to consume. However, with legacy systems in the food and manufacturing industry, mentioning the exact amount of raw material used is problematic.


But, smart ERP software for the food and beverage industry can efficiently handle this situation, keeping a well-maintained record of all the ingredients used in the preparation of the product and can also alert in case of gluten/lactose or other allergens present.


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Maintaining constant yet innovative recipe management 

Consumer's taste buds always need to be fed with different yet authentic food items. But, to create the same, many hit and try methods could lead to vast wastage and uncertainty related to consumers' linking. 


To aid this issue, once and for all, sophisticated food and beverage ERP software, with a dedicated module of recipe management, allows leaders to innovate new products yet maintain the taste without much spoilage.


Shifting to eCommerce business considering the current times 

Considering the present situation where consumers are paying utmost importance to hygiene and safety from pathogens, food manufacturers shift their businesses to eCommerce. But, for traditional food manufacturers who have been serving the dishes to the consumers on the premises only, it is difficult for them to go online. And, legacy systems are not that advanced too to handle all the supplying and distribution-related information.


But robust food ERP systems aces the manufacturing to supply processes ensuring timely deliveries and completion of orders with the smart algorithms at the backend of their systems. These ERP alert the leaders on every new order and its delivery information while keeping a close check on the quality of the products so that only high-quality products reach the consumers.


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Now that you know how ERP software can handle minor to significant food processor's significant challenges, should you be waiting to adopt a robust Food ERP in your organisation? No! But, before you start your search for the best-fit ERP software, let's guide you a bit more.


Your ideal Food ERP software should be well versed with the inventory, finance, recipe, bill of materials, CRM, supplying, and other food industry related department management. Only the ERP having all these traits can be utilised to the best of its efficiency in the food industry. 


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